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Thursday, 17 April 2014 | IMGSTG Admin



Athletics Australia has today selected a further seven athletes to be offered membership to the National Athlete Support Structure (NASS), alongside the record 102 athletes already reaping program benefits.

The recently re-classified para-athlete Ella Pardy (WA, 100m/long jump) will be added to the International level, while five athletes – Melissa Breen (ACT, 100m), Josh Ralph (NSW, 800m), Josh Robinson (QLD, javelin) and para-athletes Jodi Elkington (NSW, long jump) and Paul Raison (SA, javelin) – will be offered membership at the Commonwealth Games level.

Newly classified para-athlete Sian Glanney (WA, 100m/200m) will be offered Development level membership, and Jarrod Geddes (NSW, 100m/200m) has been moved to the Development level on the basis of his performances during the Australian athletics season.

“On the basis of her recent re-classification by the International Paralympic Committee, Pardy can now realistically compete for medals at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Paralympic Games and so we have added her to the International level of the National Athlete Support Structure”, Simon Nathan, the Athletics Australia High Performance Director, said.

“We also identified five athletes who have achieved our Commonwealth Games A-Standard during the domestic season but who aren’t currently receiving NASS support. Their performances show that they should be in the hunt for medals in Glasgow and so we will offer them all a six-month membership at the Commonwealth Games level of NASS. Our Commonwealth Games A-Standard is based on the typical performance needed to win a medal at the last three Commonwealth Games.”

“The Selection Panel had an interesting decision around all three of the able-bodied Commonwealth Games athletes as they have all achieved NASS guideline performances at the International level at some point during the domestic season. The Panel agreed that we want to assess their ability to perform at a major championships, in this case the Commonwealth Games, before placing them any higher on the program.”

“Both Sian Glanney and Jarrod Geddes will join the list of Development level athletes.”

The NASS has been developed in close consultation with the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport, with the overall program funded by our partners at the Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Commonwealth Games Association, Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Paralympic Committee.

“One of the key philosophies of the NASS program is to create an even playing field for all athletes to be considered for membership. This has allowed us to be consistent in our approach to providing support to athletes across the country that can realistically contribute to the Australian Institute of Sport’s ‘Australia’s Winning Edge’ program,” Nathan added.

“We have been able to introduce due process to the system to ensure clear markers for athletes and their coaches on when athletes will be considered for membership or to have their current status reviewed. In conjunction with the AIS we have been able to create consistent global performance standards for most of the Olympic events, I fully expect to be able to add similar standards for the walks, marathon and para-events before the next NASS review in September.”

High Performance Director Simon Nathan, supported by Athletics Australia Head Coach Eric Hollingsworth, Paralympic Program Manager Andrew Faichney and Nicky Frey, who was representing Athletics Australia Junior High Performance, selected the athletes who have been offered membership in consultation with the Athletics Australia Chief Medical Officer Adam Castricum. Respected athletics expert and renowned coach Chris Wardlaw also acted as an independent observer at the selection meeting.

Australian Athletics High Performance can today also confirm that all selected members of the 2014 Commonwealth Games team will receive a package of support including access to preparation bases on the Gold Coast and in Cologne (GER) leading into the team staging camp in Gateshead (GBR). In addition to this, every team member will be provided with a financial preparation award to prepare for Glasgow 2014 and the Australian Commonwealth Games Association and their partners will support travel to Europe.   All of this support is possible thanks to the ‘Go Glasgow’ program of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association and the ‘Australian Winning Edge’ program of Australian Institute of Sport.

Athletes added to the National Athlete Support Structure today:
International level: Ella Pardy (WA)
Commonwealth Games level: Melissa Breen (ACT), Jodi Elkington (NSW), Paul Raison (SA), Josh Ralph (NSW), Josh Robinson (Qld)
Development level: Sian Glanney (WA), Jarrod Geddes (NSW)

Athletics Australia has informed all new members of their NASS selection this morning. The list of athletes previously announced, as well as additional information on the program, is available by clicking here.

The NASS will again be reviewed in September 2014.


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