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2019 Australian Cross Country Championships - ACT Recap

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 | EO.AACT



2019 Australian Cross Country Championships - ACT Recap

The 2019 Australian Cross Country Championships was held at Kembla Grange Joggers Club (Wollongong NSW) and saw over 1100 athletes compete in the Championships last weekend. The ACT was well represented by its Athletics ACT and Schools Sport ACT athletes. 

In superb racing conditions local ACT athletes recorded impressive performances including Emily Brichacek (representing NSW) who took home her second Open National title having won her first in Canberra in 2011. 

Other strong performances including a number of top ten finishes were Timothy D’Abreara (3rd), Amelia Norton (4th), Cameron Myers (6th), Tom Palfrey (7th), Keely Small (7th), Dominic Torley (10th), Bonnie Young (10th) and William Tweedier (10th). 

Congratulations to all the following athletes who competed very well and placed strongly. 

SSACT - Denotes School Sport ACT Team 

AACT - Denoted Athletics ACT Team 

Boys 3k - 11 years

  • Dominic Torley 10th (SSACT)
  • Sam Rizzuto 24th (SSACT)
  • Joe Whithear 27th (SSACT)
  • Ryan Huynh 30th (SSACT)
  • Otis Hibberd 39th (SSACT)
  • Satya Yogeswaran 41st (SSACT)

Girls 3k - 11 years

  • Iris Rangiah 26th (SSACT)
  • Hannah James 28th (SSACT)
  • Keira Donovan 30th (SSACT)
  • Jade Paterson 39th (SSACT)
  • Ariella Paterson 40th (SSACT)
  • Alice Hincksman 41st (SSACT)

Men 3k Para Open

  • Timothy D’Abreara 3rd (AACT)

Boys 2km - 10 years

  • Xavier Beesley 19th (SSACT)
  • Michael Onyike 23rd (SSACT)
  • Oliver Horn 25th (SSACT)
  • Robbie Jones 27th (SSACT)
  • Kieran Shepherd 35th (SSACT)
  • Felix Pentony 36th (SSACT)

Girls 2km - 10 years

  • Bonnie Young 10th (SSACT)
  • Edith McKerracher 18th (SSACT)
  • Maya McRae 26th (SSACT)
  • Grace York 30th (SSACT)
  • Kaiya Barsby 38th (SSACT)
  • Mackenzie Dugdale 40th (SSACT)

Boys 3km - 12 years

  • William Tweedier 10th (SSACT)
  • Jacob Eaton 12th (SSACT)
  • Zack Blundell 38th (SSACT)
  • Owen Doherty 341st (SSACT)
  • Samuel Hillier 42nd (SSACT)

Girls 3km - 12 years 

  • Amelia Norton 4th (SSACT)
  • Ella Norton 18th (SSACT)
  • Zoe Honeybrook 22nd (SSACT)
  • Jemma Wilson 26th (SSACT)
  • Thea Reinhart 42nd (SSACT)
  • Imogen Horn 43rd (SSACT)

Girls 3km - U14

  • Maddison Farrah 45th (SSACT)
  • Madison Duncan 51st (SSACT)
  • Emily Watson 54th (SSACT)
  • Sarah Walker 58th (SSACT)
  • Allegra Senti 61st (SSACT)
  • Amber Smith 62nd (AACT)
  • Holly Dudziak 63rd (SSACT)
  • Freya Main 64th(SSACT)
  • Abbie Hamilton 68th (AACT)
  • Kate White 70th (SSACT)
  • Emily Scott 71st (AACT)
  • Elise Simpson 72nd (SSACT)
  • Ebony King 73rd (AACT)
  • Xanthe Pick 74th (AACT)
  • Hannah Quispes 81st (AACT)

Boys 3km - U14

  • Cameron Myers 6th (AACT)
  • Andrew Camp-Liddiard 31st (SSACT)
  • Austin Taylor 45th (SSACT)
  • Jacob Shepherd 59th (SSACT)
  • Rhys Allan 62nd (SSACT)
  • Clancy Probyn 66th (SSACT)
  • Owen Radajewski 68th (SSACT)
  • Ryan Cuzner 75th (AACT)
  • Owen Toyne 77th (AACT)

Boys 6km - U18

  • Tom Palfrey 7th (AACT)
  • Daniel Dreher 20th (SSACT)
  • Angus Thompson 47th (SSACT)
  • Shaun Harris 63rd (AACT)
  • Max Rosin 78th (SSACT)
  • Samuel Soar 82nd (SSACT)
  • Jacob Davill 87th (AACT)
  • Jacob Todd 90th (AACT)
  • Ryan Boulton 106th (SSACT)
  • Matthew Tyo 107th (SSACT)
  • Roy Prosser 109th (SSACT)
  • Hamish Hunter 112th (SSACT)
  • Rohan O’Grady 113th (SSACT)

Girls 4km - U18

  • Chloe Bateup 24th (AACT)
  • Jordan Rauter 31st (SSACT)
  • Zoe Melhuish 37th (SSACT)
  • Claire Solomon 38th (SSACT)
  • Hannah Cadden 45th (SSACT)
  • Layla Rowntree 69th (SSACT)
  • Talia Chambers 92nd (SSACT)
  • Eva Honeybrook 93rd (SSACT)

Men 10km - Open

  • Philo Saunders 18th (AACT)
  • Sean Hancock 33rd (AACT)

Boys 4km - U16

  • James Lemon 42nd (AACT)
  • Thomas Beesley 55th (SSACT)
  • Tom Cook 57th (SSACT)
  • Isaac Muscat 61st (SSACT)
  • Hayden Todd 62nd (AACT)
  • Isaac Sloan 74th (SSACT)
  • Xavier Quispes 76th (SSACT)
  • John Maguire 78th (SSACT)

Girls 4km - U16

  • Abby Higgins 40th (SSACT)
  • Josie Lemm 43rd (AACT)
  • Ella Lane 61st (SSACT)
  • Lucy Hincksman 63rd (SSACT)
  • Alexandra Chambers 77th (SSACT)
  • Jaime Brennan 79th (AACT)
  • Lucinda Thompson 80th (SSACT)
  • Sophia de Castella 81st (SSACT)
  • Molly Lilley 84th (SSACT)
  • Maia Pitt 85th (AACT)
  • Sophie Green 87th (SSACT)
  • Madison Gordon 88th (SSACT)

Boys 8km - U20

  • Aaron Passioura 47th (AACT)
  • Aidan Pitt 51st (AACT)
  • Callum Burns 53rd (AACT)
  • James Bartholomaeus 61st (AACT)
  • Flynn Hopkins 64th (AACT)
  • Angus Elder 67th (AACT)
  • Oliver Vidaic 68th (AACT)

Girls 8km - U20

  • Keely Small 7th (AACT)
  • Capella Maguire 26th (AACT)

Full results:

Steve Dodt for Athletics ACT

Media and Publicity Officer

Image: thanks to Athletics Australia

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